hi, we are artekium

Being artekium means holding a different view of things – picturing and navigating alternative, unconventional pathways which might seem to lead us to some unreachable destination – to finally get to a real, tangible place, materialized in the most creative, comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Welcome to innovation.
This is artekium.

we are values

A name that is our cornerstone, ground where we are rooted and we stem from to grow and evolve.

We get inspiration from the creativity in art. Our solutions, to their fullest extent, will be better if we give way to a creative approach.

Technology is at our core, it is the basis from which we expand and help our clients transform their business.

Traditions are also a part of us. We believe in evolution based on know-how and expertise. Growth stands on previous foundations and does not depend just on the outburst of chaos.

we are services

Our expertise fully made available to our clients, always at their service, granting the best of us.


Consolidated and seasoned work teams, with a solid technical background. Leaders with extensive experience in mission-critical software development projects in different business domains and high-demanding environments.

Technologies used:
Java, .NET, Python, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Flutter, Js, Erlang/Elixir, React, VUE, Angular


We provide innovative digital solutions to help businesses transform and evolve. We build digital strategies along with our clients – making ideas into prototypes, developing MVPs or experimental pilots, promoting and managing change in the organizational culture, or materializing a new product. We count on agile cells and proven methodologies, as well as expert know-how in trending technologies and lead us to groundbreaking results.

Methodologies we use:
Business Workshops, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean Canvas, MVP


We help our clients navigate the universe of their data, capturing correlated information and patterns in data management. We boost the differential in their data use turning it into a competitive advantage, extracting value for their business. Our clients can experience the paradigm of a truly data-driven company.

Technologies used:
Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Jupyter, Pentaho, HDFS, Flink, ELK

Cloud Native

We focus on developing solutions under the cloud-native paradigm. We design and implement fault-tolerant, highly scalable distributed systems, with microservices architecture, a massive number of containers and continuous integration, among other things. We provide ongoing compliance with the latest technological trends and languages.

Technologies used:
Hybrid architectures with AWS, GCP, Huawei, IBM-Watson, Kubernetes, Docker

wide-ranging experience
in quite diverse fields.

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we are methodology

We are catalysts for change.
Partner with us to digitize your business.


We are more than innovation because we are continuous development and research, learning and questioning what we have learned, the search never ends.


Cohesive, focused, self-managed, multidisciplinary work cells, addressing the creative process of advancing and refining models


With many hours of flying, we form a team of young body and mature spirit, obsessed with always pushing the limits.


We are 100% technological muscle. The continuous deepening of knowledge is our focus. Technology at the service of business, without distractions.


With the result, with the client, with our work teams, and with achieving the transformation of each business using technology.

get to know us through our clients

This is what our clients say
about their experience with us.

— In Artekium we have found a strategic partner who fully understood our solution-building acceleration model for the fintech world.

Manuel Picallo
CXO / Founder - Flexibility

— Our partnership with Artekium has contributed to enhance our capabilities, leading to more agile processes. Artekium is a committed partner that brings a wealth of technological know-how.

Federico Ares
CEO - Gizmedic

— Our competitiveness in the banking world requires us to be strongly committed to launching digital products. With the help of Artekium we have managed to boost our transformation capabilities.

Sergio Gonzalez
HR Director - Bind

they have already chosen us

we are team

We are talent, that is why we keep growing.


We work
with passion

We love what we do, we are passionate about technology. We put a lot of dedication into what we enjoy doing.

and flexible

We work 100% remotely, nimbly, focused on our clients, but putting collaborators and their context at the core.

Collaborative and
inclusive spirit

We are a real team, supportive and complementary, driven by a strong desire to learn, embracing the differences. We are willing to grow together.

we are information

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