we are experience and diversification

We have skills, know-how and expertise in different industries and businesses.

Banking / Finance / Fintech

Experience in developing solutions for the banking and financial sector, including:

  • • Implementation of payment methods (magnetic stripe cards, QR codes, payment buttons, etc.).
  • • Development of virtual wallets.
  • • Development of rule engines for credit risk assessment.
  • • Customer onboarding development.
  • • Integrations with core banking systems.
  • • Banking APIs / Open Banking.
  • • Loan platform development.
  • • Trading: operation management, portfolio management, order routing, FIX protocol.


Large and extensive experience in the development of core systems for insurance companies, including modules for policy issuance, claim management,

trade policies, commissions and collections, control panels, and integration with the entire ecosystem (Cesvi, SSN, Banks, quoting systems, etc.), among others.

  • • Experience in core systems development for insurance companies.
  • • IoT + Big Data.
  • • Onboarding of new customers.
  • • Integration with Brokers.
  • • Machine Learning & Image Recognition at the service of fraud detection.
  • • Fraud Detection.
  • • Multichannel communication.
  • • GIS systems.
  • • AI Video inspection.


We count on a team of professionals trained in clinical engineering and software development, which creates ideal conditions for the best use of

information technologies at the service of health.

  • • Hospital Information Systems (HIS).
  • • Telemedicine applications.
  • • DICOM integration.
  • • HL7 interfaces.
  • • IoT platforms with wearables for Healthcare.
  • • AI - Machine Learning - Big Data.
  • • Medical history management in cloud environments.

Internet of Things

Successful and proven record of our architects working on medium and large-sized projects in this sector, understanding the leading tools and platforms, trends and

disruptive applications in certain segments (logistics, health, security, geopositioning, etc.).

  • • Design, implementation and production readiness of a geolocalized IoT platform, with over 100K georeferenced vehicles.
  • • Reception and processing of messaging from various devices and sensors (alarm panels, video surveillance cameras, temperature sensors, GPSs, etc.) to the platform and vice versa.
  • • Microservices architecture, Kubernetes, WAMP, MQTT, Kafka, RiakKV, TimescaleDB.
  • • Minio.
  • • Rule engines and messaging brokers.
  • • Embedded systems.
  • • Solutions designed for on premise / cloud environments.
Diseño y desarrollo